The Secret Garden and Gift Summerhouse

A few years ago, we decided to cut the garden in half to focus on growing our own produce to use in the garden and to relieve the pressure on our tiny kitchen. This has served us well for a few years, but 2016 has seen a few changes again. We have decided to re-open the top half of the garden as it enjoys the afternoon sun. We have smaller tables so they do not put as much pressure on the kitchen as they used to. As we are still growing our own, we decided that this would be a small child and animal free zone in order to protect the planting. The very old Summerhouse has had a refurb, a new non leaking roof and anew floor, and is now serving as a gift shed, filled with an array of our lovely gifts for you to buy as a souvenir of your visit.

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Last week we visited Bodysgallen hall a lovely house owned by the National Trust, just outside Llandudno.  It has a wonderful walled garden with row after row of neatly cultivated vegetables planted or space ready to plant up.  We would … Continue reading

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We have been unable to do anything in the growing garden during this cold weather, too much easterly wind and lots of frost is doing nothing to encourage it, keep checking back here for updates!

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