Ann's Pantry

Ann’s Pantry Goes Greener!!

We have designated 2018 to be our year of going greener, if you are a regular customer you will know that we have already been using a range of compostable items such as take away cups, wooden stirrers, paper bags for gifts and food, compostable straws for some years.  This year we are trying to take things a step further.  It is always difficult striking a balance between convenience, price and speed of service, but we are constantly striving to improve.  We are ditching single use plastics wherever we can.  

We sell keep-cups so you can have your coffee in a re-usable cup any time you want.

Jam for our homemade scones has been in glass jars for years, but the clotted cream was in plastic pots, this year you will see that we are serving our cream in individual ceramic dishes so as to reduce the single use plastic waste.

We have switched our commercial washing up liquid for an eco friendly one.

We have ditched all the drinks in plastic bottles.

We are replacing our cleaning chemicals with eco friendly versions.

We are part of the refill app, so you can fill a bottle with water any time you pass for no charge.

We are waiting to be signed up as a businesses reducing single use plastic as part of the Plastic Free Anglesey Movement.

We have new bins, so most of our rubbish is now going to be recycled instead of going in to landfill.

We know this is just a small start and any tips or ideas would be happily received.