Ann's Pantry

Autumn is drawing in

The arrival of autumn is always an interesting time for us here.  A lot of staff depart for university or school, so it suddenly gets much quieter.  

The leaves start falling, so a daily job is sweeping the leaves, a thankless, seemingly never ending task, but on a lovely crisp autumn day quite enjoyable!  Also it means only a few weeks until we close, which is a bittersweet thing as we are always ready for a rest after the summer season, but it also seems a long time until spring.

In reality, we are barely closed for three months, just enough time to do the painting, decorating and any renovations for the new season, research for new menu ideas and of course a holiday to recharge the batteries.

We will be open until the 4th of November, so if you want your Ann’s Pantry fix to keep you going until we re-open, call this week.  For those of you who miss us this week, we may also open for a few days between Christmas and New Year, give us a call to check our opening times.