Last week we visited Bodysgallen hall a lovely house owned by the National Trust, just outside Llandudno.  It has a wonderful walled garden with row after row of neatly cultivated vegetables planted or space ready to plant up.  We would love to grow more of a variety here but alas space is at a premium,… Continue reading INSPIRATION


We have been unable to do anything in the growing garden during this cold weather, too much easterly wind and lots of frost is doing nothing to encourage it, keep checking back here for updates!

The Mysterious Radishes

Home grown Veggies

This week we have been busy clearing out all the old season’s salad and herbs.  We have been struggling to identify what a couple of rather overgrown plants were.

The Story So Far

Home grown salads

Our first year of growing our own has been interesting to say the least.  The salad and herb crop were very successful and are still going strong.